Cincinnati Tennis Academy


The Cincinnati Tennis Academy encompasses all of the scholarship teaching that is an integral part of the Cincinnati Tennis Foundation. With over 300 players ranging from beginner to National level, we have a very active junior tennis community. We believe strongly that costs should never be a limiting factor in enjoying the sport of tennis. For Academy players our Life and Education Advancement Pathway (L.E.A.P.) program is available offering educational and mentoring support to create successful players and successful adults.

This summer the Cincinnati Tennis Academy is offering programming two days per week at the Cincinnati Tennis and Education Center on the Withrow campus.  Please click the links below for registration.

If you want to play but feel there is not an affordable option here for you, you can reach out to about additional scholarships.  You will be asked to provide additional financial information.

Classes will meet during June and July on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30PM and Fridays 9:30-10:30AM. (June 2 - July 30)

Family Income                    Monthly Price - 1 Day Per Week                   

$35k and Under                  $10                    Register Here             

$36k-$60k                            $40                    Register Here

$61k+                                  $80                     Register Here

Family Income                    Monthly Price - 2 Days Per Week

$35k and Under                 $15                      Register Here

$36k-$60k                           $60                      Register Here

$61k+                                  $120                    Register Here

*Any family applying for reduced rates will be asked to provide one of the following.

  • Copy of prior year's tax return. Note: If you do not have a copy, you may obtain one by contacting the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Copy of your last two pay stubs.

  • Copy of Social Security or Disability checks, or copy of bank statement showing amount of automatic monthly deposit.

For all other scholarship applications, please use the link here.

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